What is Official Mormon Doctrine?

StayLDS is proud to publish a new article discussing the establishment process and history of Official Doctrine in the LDS Church.  The author, Donald Ashton, is one of the participants in our support forums.

Official Doctrine is a topic we discuss often, being an issue that is confusing in the world of Mormonism.  There are many assumptions and expectations held by people that can be surprising for them when they examine the limited body of officially canonized doctrine versus the much broader body of Mormon culture and personal practices.

This article portrays Don’s excellent thoughts on the subject.   It pulls a lot of information found from many sources into a compact summary.  In particular, I think it is a resource that traditional members of the Church can feel more comfortable reading than other similar materials out there.  That quality is useful for those trying to bridge the gap between a wider range of people on the “faith” spectrum.

We encourage anyone interested in the topic to read the article.  It is found in our Additional Resources section.  You can also follow these links:

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