CHAT FORUMS: forum.staylds.com

The main body of information and activity in our support community happens in the chat forums.  Please take a look at those to see the ongoing conversations of different people trying to make it all work for them.  There are many different needs and perspectives based on individual circumstances.  Come join in the conversation if you have good suggestions,  or just need to bounce ideas off other people who understand what you are going through.


Link: Additional Support Resources (or see tab at top of page)

We collect articles, talks, podcasts and other materials that we think highlight productive, constructive and meaningful ways of solving the problems faced by members experiencing a faith transition.

Our most popular article is “How to Stay in the LDS Church After a Major Challenge to your Faith” written by John Dehlin and Brian Johnston.  This is available in Web and Print form.

We also have other interesting articles, podcasts and links to General Conference talks that we believe are useful, that speak to our situation.

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