StayLDS.com is an independent community of LDS Church members who desire to help other LDS Church members who have experienced a trial of faith find a way to remain participating members if it is their desire to do so.

This site was founded in 2008 by John Dehlin, and is run by Angela Clayton, Brian Johnston, Ray DeGraw, and a few other close friends.  This site is dedicated to the memories of Lowell Bennion, Eugene England,  T. Edgar Lyon, Juanita Brooks and Chaim Potok.

StayLDS.com is not affiliated with any group or movement. We are not “Middle-Way Mormons”, inactive Mormons, apostate Mormons, or anti-Mormons. We are Latter-Day Saints with a desire to support other LDS members with real faith issues, with a hope to encourage active involvement in the church, and not to attack the church or its leaders. We have no agenda to organize any types of groups to promote changes to the church. It is about individual growth and support. All are welcome to join the conversation in an uplifting and positive atmosphere.

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