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The following is a list of articles that people might find helpful towards seeing their faith in new and different ways. Some of these were written by contributors to our site. Others are linked to by us, and were picked for the value of thought in them. We don’t advocate a single viewpoint or position as correct, but find these helpful towards expanding perspectives about Mormonism and resolving issues that people often find problematic.

How to Stay in the LDS Church after a Major Challenge to your Faith, by [Print Version]

What is Official Church Doctrine, by Donald Ashton [Print Version]

Should We Defend our Past Polygamy [Compact Version] by Curtis Henderson

Interpreting and Interrupting Polygamy [Full Version] by Curtis Henderson

“Joseph Smith and His Critics” Essay by Richard Bushman

“Believest thou…?”: Faith, Cognitive Dissonance, and the Psychology of Religious Experience, by Wendy Ulrich, Ph.D.

What the Church Means to People Like Me, by Richard Poll

Why the Church is as True as the Gospel, by Eugene England

Jeff Burton’s Borderlands articles.

What is a Testimony Anyway? by Matt L. (recently updates 2012)

The Church as a Tool by Jordan Turner

Seven Truths: How we relate to the Church by HiJolly

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