LDS General Conference Talks

The following is a list of General Conference talks picked by the staff of We like to highlight messages from LDS Church leaders that we think reach out with compassion and love, that advocate a message to “broaden the tent,” or ones that in some way address the needs of people who come to our site.

Come, Join with Us, by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, LDS General Conferemce, October 2013.
Elder Uchtdorf acknowledges that people leave the church for legitimate reasons: due to unanswered questions and sometimes even mistakes made by leaders of the church.  He declares there is room in our church for people who doubt or who don’t fully believe.

Concern for the One, by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin, LDS General Conference, April 2008
This talk by Elder Wirthlin discusses the importance of diverse belief within the Church

The Love of God, by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, LDS General Conference, November 2009
This talk by Elder Uchtdorf discusses the unconditional love of God, avoiding “checklist” mentality, and not getting lost in all the little rules people speculate upon as necessary.

The Challenge to Become, by Elder Dalin H. Oaks, LDS General Conference, September 2000
This talk by Elder Oaks discusses the processes of our life journey, and avoiding the trap of trying to add up a tally of good deeds and evil deeds for a reward.

Bringing Humanity to the Gospel, by Elder Stephen L Richards, LDS General Conference, April 1932
Elder Richards spoke of his concerns about “arrogant dogmatism” within the Church, against “fanaticism and bigotry,” and preached a compassionate attititude of acceptance and love for our diverse membership. He mentions issues with the Word of Wisdom in particular.


When He Stopped Believing,  July 2012 Ensign article with advice on how to deal with a spouse who looses their testimony: compassionate and realistic advice, encourages a healthier but still faithful perspective on the situation.  Highly Recommended!

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